Brandy Allen

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Brandy Allen

Home Address in Knightdale, NC 27545

Cell Phone: 919-295-2288



April 2008-Present Analytical Chemist and Materials Scientist (14+ years)

Analytical Chemist and Materials Scientist, Schneider Electric (SE), Knightdale, NC

  • Single-handed creation of 1,178+ technical reports in over 14+ years of employment through the analysis of 3,605+ testing samples.

  • Adept at understanding and using many types of technical documents such as technical journal articles, whitepapers, material safety data sheets (SDS or MSDS) and material technical data sheets (TDS).

  • Experienced user of many technical online resources such as Mendeley (, UL Prospector (, Research Gate (, Google Scholar (, and NIST (

  • Advanced proficiency in eleven analytical lab instruments, see link to Analytical Methods.
    Microscopy: SEM, SMZ, ILM, & General Light Microscopy;
    Composition Analysis: EDS, FT-IR, and GDS;
    Thermal Analysis: DSC, TGA, DHR, and MFI.

  • Experienced cutting, cold and hot specimen mounting and preparation capabilities.

  • Been a materials information resource for the company available through direct communication and SE social channels (Spice, Sharepoint, Google Sites).

  • Manage calibration and maintenance for 20+ complex lab instruments and tools.

  • Administrator of lab related purchases for consumables and services from initiation to invoicing.

  • Supported seven capital project purchases with partners totaling two hundred and eight thousand Euros, €208K ($284k).

August 2007-April 2008 Chemist at Forbo

Chemist, Forbo Adhesives LLC, Durham, NC

  • Provided development assistance through synthesis of polyurethane pre-polymers.

  • Developed Access database to correlate present formulas with experimental formulas and compile analytical results.

  • Produced accurate and comprehensive research reports based of assigned projects.

January 2006-August 2007: Instrument Specialist

SMART Trac Product Specialist, CEM Corporation, Matthew NC

  • Successfully completed 42 SMART Trac instrument installations in 23 different states within 19 months as the SMART Trac Product Specialist.

  • Created a versatile database that links customers with installations allowing the useful accumulation of scientific data and the generation of weekly log reports.

  • Refined documentation to promote a coherent install for the three steps of the installation process: preliminary setup, onsite training and post-report.

  • Initiated, progressed, documented and utilized new methodologies that improved throughput and provided a cost savings for processes relating to the SMART Trac instrument.

  • Utilized programming knowledge to perform necessary testing to further the future development of the SMART Trac instrument.

  • Perform initial contact of customers after purchase of SMART Trac instrument.

  • Oversee all preparation for instrument install including reference sample preparation, instrument assembly and travel plans.

  • Perform onsite install including: instrument verification, instrument trouble-shooting, instrument calibration and in-depth instruction for operation to technicians of varying education levels.

October 2003-August 2005: Graduate Assistant

Graduate Assistant, Dr. M. El-Kouedi, University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

  • Synthesized anodic aluminum oxide (AAO) as a template for gold, silver or striped nanorod fabrication.

  • Used galvanostatic deposition within AAO template with a sputtered metal coating to fabricated nanorods.

  • Characterized the surface area of the nanorod arrays using electro-analytical techniques and used UV-Vis spectroscopy to study the optical properties.

  • Utilized nanorod arrays as Surface Enhancing Raman Scattering substrates using confocal Raman model JY Labram AB.

  • Simulated the optical properties of nanorod arrays using computational programs.

  • Trained undergraduate researchers in relevant analytical techniques.


Master of Science in Chemistry

M. S., Chemistry, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Charlotte, NC (GPA 3.875/4.00), August 2005.

Thesis: “Gold, silver and striped nanorod arrays employed as surface enhancing Raman scattering substrates.”

Advisor: Dr. M. El-Kouedi

Bachelor of Science in Chemistry

B. S., Chemistry; University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, NC (GPA 3.12/4.00), May, 2003.

Focus on Computer Science


  • Advanced User (Level 4/5), Full Utilization, Scientific Understanding and Trouble-Shooting Capabilities for the of the Following Instrumentation and Techniques:

    • Molecular Identification: Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FT-IR) and Raman;

    • Thermal Properties: Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA), Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC), Dynamic Hyrbrid Rheometry (DHR) and Melt Flow Index (MFI);

    • Microscopy: Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM), Light Microscopy (ILM) and Stereomicroscopy;

    • Elemental Analysis: Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy and Glow Discharge Spectroscopy (GDS);

    • Instrumented Impact using Falling Dart.

    • PC Software: Microsoft Word and Microsoft Access

  • Intermediate User (Level 3/5), Practical Application:

    • Instron Tensile and Compression Testers

    • PC Software: Microsoft Excel, Adobe Acrobat and Windows

  • Novice User (Level 2/5), Limited Experience or Long Duration Since Use:

    • Analytical Techniques: Raman spectroscopy, AA, NMR, GC-MS, UV-Vis and IR spectrometry, surface area analysis (BET), and electro-analytical techniques.

    • Software Programming: HTML, Visual Basic, Java ++ and QBasic


“Investigation of the Effects of the Local Environment on the Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectra of Striped Gold/Silver Nanorod Arrays.” Langmuir, 23 (8), 4563 -4568, 2007.

“Detection of DNA oligonucleotides on nanowire array electrodes using chronocoulometry.” Sensor and Actuators B, 114 (2), 1116-1120, 2006.


  • American Chemical Society

  • Toastmasters International

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